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This is what I deal with some days...all day...

Being a stay at home mom is tough. It’s definitely tougher than working at a regular job. First of all, it’s 24/7. There’s no time off. I work days, evenings, graveyards and weekends. Secondly, my boss yells at me all the time.

It’s funny how my definition of “accomplishments” has changed so much in these past four months. At my office job, I got tons of stuff done. I could produce work. I could put numbers and measurements to it. Now, it’s an accomplishment to empty the dishwasher, or do laundry, or to be able to pump enough milk to make a bottle. Funny how that’s changed. On the other end of things, I have a way more important job to do now than ever before. I’m giving my baby everything she needs.

My old job title was Advertising Manager. I bought media for my company,, and ran our social media program. I loved my job. I got lots of stuff done. I liked that feeling of crossing things off my list, planning campaigns and finishing projects. I was organized. I had excel sheets, timelines, structure. Now all of that is out the window in my new role as Full Time Momma, or, as I’d like to think of it: Director of Development, Entertainment and Catering.


  • A baby’s head is about a quarter of the length of their body. Think about that for a second… imagine if our heads were still that proportionately huge in adulthood!! That would be pretty heavy! So, babies need a lot of time on their tummies so they can develop the strength in their back and neck to hold up that big noggin. We do tummy time every day, and Maddy actually holds her head up extremely well. She’s been able to hold it steady from when she was just a few weeks old.
  • We play lots of different kinds of music, but especially a lot of classical music, so that she can learn about sound and rhythm.
  • We read books so that she hears lots of different words, and we look at the brightly colored pages to stimulate her vision. We pat the doggies and the kitties to feel the texture of their soft fur.


  • Playtime is learning time. We play peek-a-boo so that she learns about object permanence. So even if she can’t see Mommy’s face, it’s still there behind her hands.
  • Babies love to copy what they see and hear, so when I make funny faces at her or stick my tongue out, it teaches her about her own facial expressions. When she makes cooing sounds like “doo” or “ah” and I repeat them back to her, she learns about conversation.
  • I’m in charge of keeping her amused while she’s awake and alert. Whether it’s a song and dance, or putting the right toy in front of her, or putting her in her bouncy seat, if she’s not entertained, she’s going to let me know she’s not happy.


  • Breastfeeding takes a lot of work. There’s the actual feeding time, but then you also have to factor in the time that I spend pumping afterwards so that I can get enough milk to make a bottle for her each day.
  • It’s no wonder Madison loves the boob so much. It’s a warm, cozy, soft place to sleep and it provides her with food and drink. The adult version of that would be a soft heated pillow that also dispenses beer and pizza. I’d want to hang out there all the time, too.

I think I need to keep these things in perspective to help me remember that I’m still being productive every day. All I need to do is watch my little girl and all the new things she learns and discovers each day to realize that I’m doing a good job with her. My new job may be way tougher than my old one, but the results that come with it are infinitely more rewarding.

I call this one "the look of love".


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