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Happy Madison

It’s incredible. It’s working!!! It has been just over two weeks since we started sleep training Madison, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I just put Madison down for her nap and it went something like this:

Madison starts getting cranky. It’s one of her sleepy signs, along with rubbing her eyes and yawning.

I pick her up and sing her sleepytime song as I walk up the stairs, take her into her room and turn on the sound machine, fan and baby monitor.

I give her a milk top-up in the rocking chair, then pop her soother into her mouth and give her a little cuddle.

She gets a kiss on the forehead as we walk to her crib, and I put her in gently and give her her teddy bear.

I leave the room.

That’s it! It’s magic! She now falls asleep on her own, nearly every time, for every nap and bedtime. I have to say that our quality of life has improved dramatically now that Madison has been sleep trained. Sometimes I can’t believe that it’s possible that she falls asleep on her own so well. Originally, we had only gone to the sleep consultant for help with baby’s naps, and we were happy enough with her nighttime sleep. Well, with this sleep training, we have gotten the additional benefit of better nighttime sleep as well.

Bedtime is now earlier. We used to put Maddy to sleep around 7:30 or 8, and we had to rock her to sleep. Now, I do her last milk feed at 6:45, then Murray reads her a book and puts her in her crib. She’s often asleep by 7 or 7:10PM, then we have the rest of the evening to ourselves! It’s nice that we get more time with just the two of us so we can actually relax together. The mornings are also better now, too. She used to wake up sometime between about 4-6AM, at which point we’d put her in bed with us. Now she will usually sleep in her crib till 7, occasionally 7:30AM. This morning she stunned me by sleeping until 7:45!

We are so proud of our little girl. She did it! And I survived.


rant: baby clothes sizing

Everyone knows babies come in all shapes and sizes.

So, why, then, are 98% of all baby clothes sized as an age range? When I shop for Maddy, most of the clothes say “0-3 months”, but there is a HUGE difference between a newborn and a 3 month old. Above and beyond that, there’s actually a huge difference between two newborns! For example, a colleague of M’s had a baby 5 days after Madison was born, and she’s literally twice her size. When they came over for a visit and the two girls sat next to each other, it was hard to believe that Maddy is actually older than this baby! They ended up giving us bags full of clothes that were never worn or worn once because their baby has already outgrown them, and miss Mads doesn’t even fit into them yet.

I ❤ DAD onesie from H&M, $12.95

So far, I’ve only come across a couple of clothing lines that get this right. H&M and Gerber. Gerber is no surprise, since they’ve been around forever, but H&M impressed me. Not only do they have a ton of fantastic and fashionable baby clothes, they actually break down their newborn sizing into 0-1 month, 1-2 months and 2-3 months. After that, they move into the more traditional 4-6 month, 6-9 month ranges. Two of my favorite outfits for Madison are from here: her “I ❤ Dad” onesie, and her “Rolling Stones London” onesie and matching hat. (Although the latter is no longer with us, thanks to our bad dogs. I’ll write about that another time.)

Rolling Stones London onesie, H&M $12.95

Gerber goes one better by offering two sizing options: age and weight. They have sizing that says “0-3 months, 5-8 pounds” or “0-3 months, 8-12 pounds”. This makes things so much easier!!! Everyone should be doing this! We received so many gifts for Maddy in the 0-3 month size that is still absolutely huge and she won’t fit into for quite awhile, so I went searching for some clothes that would actually fit her when she was just a couple of weeks old. I was able to find this 3-pack of Gerber onesies in the 5-8 pound size, and she wore them all the time because they were one of the few items that didn’t hang off of her little body. Maddy recently outgrew them since she’s now almost 9 pounds! I could still squeeze her into them if I really wanted to, but she looks like a little sausage in them now.  She also has some short sleeved and long sleeved night shirts by Gerber that are perfect for sleeping in. They are much easier to deal with for diaper checks/changes in the middle of the night since you don’t have to mess around with the buttons at the bottom.

I’m very surprised that the big chain kids stores haven’t figured this out. Both Children’s Place and Please Mum just have the age sizing. I’m theorizing that they do this because maybe most parents don’t shop for their kids there. I’m wondering if it’s mostly relatives and friends buying gifts, so they have no idea how much the kid weighs, and have to do their best to remember how old the kid is.

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